About the Scholarship

The Inkified Inc. Scholarship Fund supports and encourages literacy through creative writing and hip hop. As it stands today, hip hop has become main stream and due to commercial interest, it has lost its original spirit of community consciousness and creativity. This is mainly caused by the financial success of a few artist that are rewarded by the music industry to promote violence and irresponsible lifestyles. The Inkified Inc Scholarship Fund wants to resurrect original hip hop by rewarding community consciousness, originality, and creativity.

One of the five elements of hip hop culture is the MC (Master of Ceremony). The MC embodies the skill of conveying a persuasive and rhythmic spoken word to an audience of people. According to late great poet Langston Hughes, “The prerequisite for writing is having something to say.” The Inkified Inc Scholarship Fund wants to encourage at risk youth to pursue creative writing and spoken word by way of hip hop. We will give a $1,000 scholarship each year to MCs who can construct literary works that rival the exploitation of hip hop and promote lyrical progression. A pen and paper are the only tools required.

To receive the scholarship students must submit an essay explaining how hip hop culture affects their career goals and the future of their generation. Based on the essays, Inkified Inc will pick five finalists to perform an original spoken word piece at our award show. The show will be hosted by (rapper/spoken word artist) “Quill” and other special guests. The five finalists will be scored on originality, delivery, and lyrical content. All finalists will receive a prize for being selected, but the first place winner will be awarded the 1,000 scholarship.


The popularity and influence of commercial hip hop has misguided a lot of at risk youth to believe that the hip hop music industry is a reliable and easily attainable career path. In reality it is designed to exploit and wholesale an unrealistic and negligent standard of living for corporate gain. Hip hop culture and the hip hop industry are insidiously two different gears. One is a corporate production and the other is artistic expression. The Inkified Inc Scholarship Fund values artistic expression and wants to give the youth an opportunity to express their writing skills through hip hop. We believe the sway of hip hop culture can be used to campaign education and challenge traditional creative writing platforms. A college education opens doors and provides opportunities to gain career skills. Unfortunately the reality is with rising cost of college tuitions it is sometimes discouraging to at risk youth to pursue higher education. This scholarship fund is a missing link that gives them a relatable motivation to consider creative writing as a career path. Hip hop is free information and creative expression; we can use it to encourage progressive reading and writing skills.

Scholarship Requirements:

-Each student must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA and be a senior in high school or a freshman in college. Students majoring in English, Creative Writing, or Political Science are encouraged to apply, but not required.

-Each Student must submit a 500 word essay explaining how hip hop culture affects their career goals, and how they see hip hop affecting the future of their generation. Along with the essay they must submit a composition in music or video format of their skills as an MC. (Explicit content will not be accepted)

-Five essays will be selected and asked to perform an original spoken word piece in front of an audience at our award show featuring Quill and other special guest. The winner will be selected at the show and receive the scholarship. The scholarship must be used to pay for tuition cost and/or books.

-The Inkified Inc Scholarship Fund is looking for Students that uplift the urban community with reality and progressive insight. Lyrical content, delivery, creativity, and originality are the components measured for winning the scholarship.

Help us Get Started

The Inkified Inc Scholarship Fund is a non-profit organization. Our goal is to raise $15,000 annually which will go to pay for our promotion budget, operation expenses, community activities, and most importantly the scholarships that are given to the MCs. We plan to have our cause widely promoted through popular social media sites, radio, and community venues. The more donations that we receive the more scholarships and rewards we can offer to the finalist. With our current projection, our goal is to send one MC to college with a $1,000 scholarship every year. Any amount of money donated will be valued. Donations over $1,000 will receive special acknowledgment. We believe that hip hop will indorse an unused incentive to pursue higher education. If you find it in your heart to support our vision please share this cause. We greatly appreciate your support.

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