CRC. What a farce.

  • Update #13

Waited all this time and what happens? They agree the law was broken and more. What happens to the social worker who did this? Absolutely nothing. The whole process is just a joke in the hope you will get fed up and go away. Well they chose the wrong one this…Read More

Complaints Review Committee

  • Update #12

Had a review meeting and feel it went really well. Social work dept. had to admit they had allowed the power of attorney to operate illegally for more than two years. Expecting the reply around the end of August, Will lrt you know what it says as soon as I…Read More

Social work dept. fraud.

  • Update #11

I have just learned that Dundee City Council Social Work Dept. have committed fraud. I argued that the power of attorney was not legal as it held no signatures. I was told that it was ok because a signed one had been issued 7 years before and sent to the…Read More

News Bulletin

  • Update #10

This is me on the news getting the story more out in the open. I need to prove that the current laws don't work, hopefully these investigations will provide that proof. I will keep you all posted. Thanks again for signing and keep reposting. We are getting…Read More


  • Update #9

I have received word from the general medical council. They are finally going to be investigating the doctor. He won't get away with saying "in his clinical opinion it was the best thing to do". They will want to know what benefit he expected from the…Read More

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