My sister (Carole Laing Stewart) was over medicated to the point that she could not even say her own name. She was kept in a secure unit for more than a year after we were told she was fit for release. She was then admitted to the main hospital where she passed away aged just 51. I begged the doctor to look at her physical health but he refused to talk to me because there was a power of attorney involved. They knew Carole didn't want her any more but they made her keep her on and even got her to validate the document whilst I was told she lacked capacity.

As well as that I was accused of stealing thousands of pounds from her and called a thief without there ever being an investigation. I tried to get the police involved but they said as I had no proof of a theft there was nothing I could do.

The doctor in charge of her care and her social worker both failed in their duty of car toward her and paid no attention when I pleaded them to stop giving her more drugs. I was told they weren't prepared to discuss it with me despite Carole telling them she wanted me involved in her care.

If you think the laws and guidelines surrounding mental health patients needs to change please sign thank you.


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