The California Modernization and Economic Development (CMED) Act is more than just an infrastructure or jobs bill. It is a vision.

A vision for an affordable, quality education that empowers all young Californians with the skills they'll need in the 21st century.

A vision to improve and better-maintain the cities and parks that make California a unique and dynamic place to live.

A vision for sustainable economic growth and more jobs, powered by clean, carbon-free and reduced-carbon sources of energy.

As Californians with a common interest in our future and the future of our children, we must harness this unique opportunity to put our state on the right track. By simply ending the giveaway of our oil and natural gas, we can bring in enough revenue to make the investments that California needs and deserves. We have the vision, and we have the resources. If we act now, we can make that vision a reality.

Our mission is to see through our vision for quality, affordable education, renewed cities and parks, and more green jobs for California by qualifying and passing The California Modernization and Economic Development Act.

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