The Hills Centre for the Performing Arts was the brainchild of the mayor of the day, who built the venue as a bicentennial project, opened in late 1988. His motivation was to build a versatile venue for the community and to stage world-class music and arts performances. The venue is under management through Empower Church Sydney (Sydney Christian Outreach Centre). The Hills Centre has community-centered focus, by running a variety of community based programs at the venue; things like dance and creative arts schools, parenting classes, and other life-skills and information sessions. The centre is also available for hire to interested organisations and community groups for functions of any type and size.

Originally the North West Train Line was to have a station at Hills Centre. Due to local community support of keeping the showground and its buildings, the decision was made in October 2012 to demolish the Hills Centre and move the station to the showground. They intend to use the space during construction.

We believe this is not in the interests of the community, particularly the performing Arts. This Centre was built with a lot of community donations from individuals and businesses for the purpose of the community to use. This has been used by many of the schools in the surrounding areas for Rock Eisteddfods and school assemblies, as well as school plays. It is used by drama and ballet concerts. It was once home to the Hillsong Church and is now home to Empower Church.

There is no other theatre with a 1678 capacity or centre with these facilities nearby. This would be one of the few community run theatres across greater Sydney.

There is ample room around the Hills Centre for parking during construction. After construction, we believe the Hills Centre and adjoining offices should be leased or sold by the State Government to a church or community group to manage.

We believe the Hills Centre should stay!!


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