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Stop Runaway Production In California Job Outsourcing Is An Outrage!

Hollywood used to be the capital of the world for Entertainment. Thousands of peoples livelihoods have been effected.Films go to tax haven countries that offer huge incentives.Their economy thrives and ours does not. Hollywood is now a sad reflection of it’s past.The image is still there but a false one. Mayors and Governors all say they will do something about it so they can get into power.Once in power nothing gets done. I have lived here for twenty years and have heard the same dialogue over and over. While talk is had here ,action is done by other countries who see the benefits. Legislators in Los Angeles say it is not profitable to have tax benefits here and yet in the UK they thrive on our ignorance. All major industry apart from silicone valley has left California and now it looks like another blow to the Golden State. My friends are leaving and their houses are to be sold. Communities broken up and families broken apart....Enough is enough...for once let talk form itself into action...Sign the pledge...

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