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Help Us Change Brooks Animal Shelter In San Antonio Texas

When I read this I was horrified that the shelter let the mother dog give birth, then took the puppies still in the sacks and took them to kill them .. Not nicely but sadistically. That mom heard her pups being abused and killed as she was still giving birth to others... What kind of a hell was that for her to go through. brooks shelter needs to be revamped and animal loving people who will work for no kill need to be the only ones hired in that place... This is many steps too cruel to sit back and do nothing about. Brooks has put a gag order on employeed. The plan on continuing this way of killing. This petition is to stop that cruel killing of pups just born and moms giving birth and at the same time knowing/hearing their pups dying... This is something no mom should have to go through... not ever and not by someone who is a vet . That is not a vet I would ever choose to us for my pets nor do i want one treating anyones pets with that warped sick attitude towards new born life...Brooks needs to be revamped with animal loving people willing to go the extra yard to save as many as possible as they move toward no kill status.... and it can and is being done all over as more and more no kills start up... Brooks needs to be shut down if it is tgoing to continue in its barbaric wasy!

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Betty Moreno

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Help Us Change Brooks Animal Shelter In San Antonio Texas

Brooks babies are not being given a chance to be viewed and adopted by the public. Instead they wait to be killed. We have to unite and stand up to for these poor helpless animals We have to be their Voice. They have a right to Live. What they are doing is Wrong and We must put a Stop to it. Please sign my petition and give these animals a chance to find a Forever Home. Together we Can make a Difference!

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