Please sign. This is cruel and abuse. Governments and the abusers need to be stopped once and for all. Animals can't speak for themselves. This is a criminal offence.

The fact that this barbaric & torturous trade goes on should be repulsive to any compassionate human. So please speak out about this now! Dogs are such amazing creatures, they are capable of doing amazing & life saving jobs, guide dogs, hearing dogs, bomb seeking dogs, therapy dogs to name…Read More

"The greatness of a nation & its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" - MAHATMA GANDHI

You can tell the Spiritual health of a community by how they treat the least of their brothers and sisters, the state of their prisons, and how they care for the creatures they share this wonderful world with! Grow to the LIGHT! Please Help Us Stop this ugly practice. Sign !
Ihor BohDan…Read More

Great, now I have another entire nation to hate. Why can't humans learn to treat other species with respect. I am starting to think that all humans should just be flayed and burnt to ashes, at least then, this wouldn't happen.

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