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Story Submitted by The People – Andrea Owens

The nightmare started for my kids, my family, and I, on April 8, 2011. Department of Children and Family Services also known as DCFS here in Illinois came to my home when no one was there and had the maintenance man open my door for her to leave a paper stating they were taking my kids into care. That was the first thing done wrong in my case she check hand delivered to me, but I was in the ER. They then went to my 3 girl’s school and took them right after they were dropped off. They are not suppose to interrupt their learning, but they did. Now here is Now here is how they got them. My mom needed help with her power and one of DCFS supervisors told her that if she needed help to let them know, so she did. Inside of helping out they lied and hot lined a report that we had no water there. you see I have a copy of all their rules and guild lines and in it it says you can be without power but not without water. Well it was the power my mom needed help with and it was only 50 she was short, her water is included in her rent there for if she had no water she wouldn’t have a home. So they took them on wrong terms and no one not even my attorney. So they put them in a foster home that favored my oldest and told them all about the case, and broke rules that they are suppose to fallow means how they are foster kids. Such as they are not suppose to cut their hair without permission from me not the caseworker, but they did on my Easter visit April 24,2011 they all had their hair cut. And that’s just the start they broke rules left and right and didn’t get in trouble for it. Now DCFS said they got me for neglect, here’s a funny….the “investigator” of the case never talked to anyone of the girl’s teachers or friends, my friends or family no one to do with us like they are suppose to.

They gave my case to Catholic Charities were my kids were transported I don’t know how many times with out car sets or in a car that was speeding well over 5 over the speed limit and no one did anything when I complained about it. Any time i said anything to the DCFS worker or my Catholic worker all i got was they are not in your control anymore. In June of 2011 i had a meeting because I was pregnant with my twins the DCFS worker told me that if i finished certain classes and i had everything I needed for them they would not come into care i would have what they call an intact case. So i got 2 of everything you could think of including 2 dresses full of clothes and 2 different beds, but when they were born on Sep.25,2011, that same DCFS caseworker came in with a paper to take them to for substance abuse. Funny thing is I don’t do drugs of any kind! So i took in lab test and all my notes from all my appointment and all my drug drops for catholic that were always clean. Then the day of court when i have everything to back my self to keep the twins she scribbles it out and write abuse and neglect. Needless to say i lost that day too. They did sex abuse evaluations on the oldest 3 girls because my soon to be husband had just plead guilty to a sex offense. The people there said they think something may have happened to 2 of them but they were not sure. So i made a call to what was then my x and asked some questions about some things my kids said to these people, that’s when he told me that he did something to 2 of them. So i got him put in prison without a hesitation. But DCFS and catholic said it wasn’t good enough i should have never called him cause they said i couldn’t talk to him. And because i did it was grounds enough for them to take my kids and my rights. So my catholic caseworker said you can surrender your rights and still have contact with them or i can take your rights and you will never have contact with them or any other kids again. So i did what any mom would do and i surrendered so that i would always be able to see and talk to them. They then made my mom kick me out if she wanted them. I am still not aloud to see write or talk to them. They moved them to another foster home inside of putting them with my mom like they said. Now see when you lose your kids they are suppose to go to your family first well mine are not with family and the people they are with treat them really bad. I know this because i know the family of the foster home people they are with and they tell me things like how the foster parents make my kids call them mom and dad, that I am dead, they cant have snacks, the have to call my mom aunt, if they are bad they can’t see family, etc. In all i want to get my kids and I’s story out there in hopes to help my girls be able to be with family were they belong because the case was done wrong and full of lies from the start. But DCFS the head man wont let my mom have them because she said dick and pussy in his office were there were no kids. Like these people never curse or do anything wrong. Reality check no one is perfect! My mom and step dad, and I have done everything asked of us and then some we have done things just to have the knowledge. And for what I lost the girls and they are still fighting but getting no where. That’s not right! Please think of my girls who are so hurt and lost they wont let family take their pictures because pictures are for happy kids and they are not happy.

NO KID SHOULD EVER FEEL LIKE THAT THEY BELONG AT HOME WITH THEIR FAMILY WHERE THEY ARE SAFE AND LOVE AND TAKEN CARE OF!!!!!!!!!!! I am writing this to help my girl’s get put with family where they should be, and for all of you to see be careful who you trust especially when it comes to what the state tells you to do and not to do with your kids. Thanks for your time. And to my girls, mommy loves and very much and misses you. We are all under the moon always and forever!

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