Respected Citizens of India;

I am not a Political Leader, not a Bureaucrat and nor a Hi-profile person; I am just a Concern Citizen of India and I am requesting to all Concern Citizens of India.
Today when our respected Indian Government unwilling to give honour to our Fundamental Rights stated in our so-called Constitution of India and also unable to protect our beloved Mothers, Sisters and Daughters from the evil violence’s, in that situation it’s our right of self-defense (which was stated in the Constitution of India) to protect our own.
If you think that I am RIGHT, then write a letter to the President of India, demanding the following action within 90 days:-

Demands are:

1. Free, Fair and Fast Judicial system.
2. Strong Law against Rapists and all other women related crimes.
3. Full implementation of “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” in all the form of Citizen Charter.

“No Then” starts a Non-Cooperation Movement against the Government of India.

Gandhiji, at an address in Madras said; “Cooperation is our duty only as long as Government protects our honour. Non-Cooperation is an equal duty when the Government instead of protecting us, robs us of our honour”.

Break your silence… Arise! Awake! stop not till the goal is reached.

Jai Hind; Vande Mataram

GK Dutta Raju

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