My name is Ray Lenard Brown, and I am the President/CEO of Pleroma Studios Entertainment, an independent motion picture production company that is located near Washington DC. Currently we are developing a feature film titled “83 Days.” It is based on the true story of George Stinney Jr., a 14-year-old black boy that was the youngest to be executed in the 20th Century for a crime that he didn't commit. George was used as a political pawn during an election year, to cover for the person that actually committed the crime, (the son a prominent official).

It was a travesty of justice; a crime against a boy that was too young to defend himself, a crime perpetrated by the very government and its officials that were sworn to protect him, and others, and to uphold the law. But, instead, they buried it and, after erasing any evidence that a trial ever existed, the state of South Carolina and its officials worked to successfully keep its crime buried for 68 years.

With that being said, our legal team will soon petition the state of South Carolina on behalf the Stinney family, requesting, first and foremost, an apology. But second, we are prepared to file suits against the state claiming both "Wrongful Death and Criminal Negligence," alleging that this was the premeditated attempt by some elect officials of the state. To that end, we will except nothing less than the complete exoneration of George Stinney Jr.; but, we need your help and support. We have an opportunity and a moral obligation to right this wrong.

You are welcomed to visit and for more information about the company. I will, also, gladly welcome any direct questions regarding this endeavor and updates will be made periodically.


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