The bus driver ram singh went out with
his 6 friends ( 2 rkp sabzee wale + all bihari )
the girl and the guy was
called by the driver and were given proper tickets
( the bus was a school bus
with black curtains .. Not permitted for transport use )
the girl was 23 a very
good student and wanted to reach dwarka mor.
After they got in , the
guys hit a rod on
the guys's head and threw him out ,
then raped the girl one by one which was
moving continuously in the
posh areas of delhi and ncr.
After raping her badly , one of them inserted
a very long rod in her vagina which almost
killed her and threw
her out and ran away.
She was lying in
the middle of the rod
hurt and nude..
Not even single
person helped her or covered her for an hour.
When police came in no one
helped them pick her up. They were just
not interested at all.
The girl's vagina + small and large intestine is
totally damaged and she
cannot live a married or normal life.
Doctor said " main bayan nahi kar sakta
ki ussne kya kya zheela hai ...
Bolte hue
muzhe dard hota hai ".
She has gone in
coma 5 times from 16th dec. She is
unconscious , critical and is not stop
crying. The ribs are damaged as well.
That's the whole story
And that's what delhi people are. And her only
fault was that she
took a wrong bus..

You have sisters , mothers , daughters
and soo many females at home.
Please don't sit and relax
Its not that small deal ... Its bout
your families safety..


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