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Kimara John Bosco

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Say No To Homosexuality & Lesbianism

Our children are our future. The agenda of gays is to erode these future and make it as bleak and black as possible. Family values are upheld in marriages between man a woman. God created man and woman and the mandate was to multiply and fill the earth (Gen.1:26-28). The multiplication can only be accomplished through the institution of marriage between man and woman. NOT and I emphasize, NOT between man and man or woman and woman. If gays are able to produce, why do they want to adapt children from the heterosexual marriages? The devil doesn't produce neither was he given the mandate to procreate. He is homosexual himself. And so he wants people to be like him by going against the multiplication mandate given by God Himself. Therefore, this whole campaign of gay rights is nothing but propagation of satanic agenda by some so called powerful leaders who are themselves agents of satan and the dark kingdom.

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David Muwonge

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Say No To Homosexuality & Lesbianism

As a father, call me a parent, I married a woman and we have beautiful children. If I got stupid and married my fellow man, this would not have happened, bringing forth children. It bothers me that these homos recruit innocent children into their vices, very much knowing that their actions don't bring forth reproduction but destruction of society. Lastly, can we think about including them on the group of terrorists, one, they have money, are against reproduction, are recruiting children, which is a child abuse.

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