Update on December 22, 2012

  • Update #11

MUST READ A Letter from the common man to Damini - The Delhi Rape Victim. This letter will probably never reach you, Damini. And if by chance it does, I hope when you're feeling a little better, you read it. Outside your room in the hospital, outside the…Read More

Update on December 20, 2012

  • Update #8

She was a student. She was 23. She was coming back from a date with her boyfriend. Her fault: she boarded the wrong bus. And oh yeah, SHE WAS A GIRL!!! Six men raped her one by one. And left her to die on the road. Naked. Wounded. Exposed. Devastated. What's…Read More

Update on December 20, 2012

  • Update #7

CANDLE MARCH in INDIA GATE on SATURDAY at 9am Please come & join the march to show that INDIA is a united country the girl who is raped i dont know her and YOU guys also dont know her but the ACCUSED should be PUNISHED this is the time to show guys PLEASE…Read More

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