Beauty out of Rubble

I visited Myanmar this August to learn about a country that was grossly under-acknowledged. Most people can not even point out Myanmar on a map, and there are several reasons for this.  

Natural Disaster + Military Oppression

A devastating natural disaster in 2008 that killed upwards of 148,000 thousand people and left an already poverty stricken country in ruins, coupled with a military government's oppression that left ships filled with safe drinking water, food and supplies at bay, makes Myanmar one of the most under-acknowledged humanitarian concerns of our day. There are reports that the resulted humanitarian abuse on the part of the government led to the death of over a million people.

Much has changed in Myanmar as a result of government failure and we now have an opportunity to help

We now have an opportunity to help. Recently, among the most closed countries in the world, second only to North Korea, Myanmar has since opened it's doors, allowing an opportunity to increase the quality of life of so many who have been struggling for decades. Now's our chance! First things first- Our most important goal is to offer financial support to orphanage leaders for basic necessities such as food. Eating three times a day for people in Myanmar is considered being well off (They Call it Myanmar).  These children need food, and orphanage leaders need financial support to take care of the needs of any number of children. 

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