The death of 26 people in Newton Conneticut was the result of poor gun control policies. It is time to implement a strong gun control policy. It is unbelievable that you are able to purchase firearms by simply presenting a drivers license at a Walmart store or many other commercial stores. We need to conduct more thorough investigations to the person soliciting to purchase a gun. Right now we are acting irresponsibly by selling guns without finding out whether the person purchasing the weapon is fit to handle one responsibly. No more lives can be wasted in senseless mass shooting. It is our responsibility as citizens of the planet to ask our politicians to take the necessary steps to limit the access of weapons. Actually guns should only be own by police officers, military personel, FBI or security guards that work in banks or wells fargo. It is our duty to stop this senseless killings by taking action in making pressure so our politicians take the necessary steps into making new policies to guarantee our safety.


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