Wow. 54,117 signatures more

  • Update #4

Reaching close to 180,000 signatures with the recent downloaded 54,117 signatures, I would like to thank everyone who has signed and shared this petition. In the name of my Pet has raised the signature goal this time to 100,00 more to hopefully top 280,000…Read More

Update on May 25, 2013

  • Update #3

Only just a few more signatures to reach another goal. 50,000 The petition, again, will be reposted to gain another batch of signatures Thanks to all who have been signing and sharing

Update on February 21, 2013

  • Update #2

41,224 signatures again. Downloaded and being prepped for delivery to Congress. Thanks for the effort of all of you and your continued support, we are on the way to beating this and making it NATIONAL LAW TO GAS ANIMALS. In then name of my pet, I thank you…Read More

Update on February 12, 2013

  • Update #1

To be as subtle as I can about the awareness this petition has generated, Hell yes. I knew this would be a bit hard in the beginning. but with everyone of you , signing and sharing, we wouldn't have a total amount of signatures of approx 70,333, 40,000 of…Read More