Terrell's story seems like something you would see in a movie, but his story, his struggle for justice can't get any more real than this. This all began on October 24, 1998, some 14 years ago, where he got caught in the grips of the vici

ous unjust system determined to convict him for a crime he did not commit. Literally everyone involved in the process quietly conspired to shuffle him through and ensure that he was the one who answered for the manufactured crime without notice. Because of Terrell's disability, the prosecutor had doubts about him being able to commit the crime the police officers alleged. The prosecutor secretly video recorded his movements in jail to see if he really was disabled. After several days of recording Terrell, it revealed his disability was real. The attorney his family hired even worked with the courts and prosecutor to further hinder and sabotage his defense. The attorney was fired and all the evidence was suppose to go straight to Terrell, instead, all the evidence and files were sent to the prosecutor and court for two months before Terrell got his hands on the evidence. Between the two months it took for him to get it, an important tape to prove his innocence was altered to further suppress the truth. They couldn't allow for him to have that piece of evidence. In countless ways he was stymied by the system in an endless struggle for the truth. He has never given up and WE will continue to fight with him.


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