Charles Dyer aka JULY 4 Patriot History

MARINE Veteran who served 8 yrs in Iraq has been unlawfully convicted to 30 yrs in prison!

A gag order was placed over Sgt Charles Dyer, and he was told he would be arrested if he spoke out about the events that took place during his first trial in Stephens County Oklahoma!

This former Marine was targeted by the FBI due to his outspoken voice and his Constitutional speeches he was giving at many Tea party / Patriot Events across the country.

Charles Dyer also known as July 4 Patriot or J4P, has a gift of "speech." and was becoming very popular within the Patriot / Tea Party Community. Sgt. Dyer also grew a following online because of his YouTube Channel.

Sgt Charles Dyer was not aware of how he was targeted by the FBI until he was charged with a crime he did not commit.

Not long after this all began, was it becoming more clear to Charles that this was a intentional attempt to silence him and shut him down. A gag order was placed on him.

Charles Dyer was offered a "deal" by FBI...

FBI Agent Gene Pool told Sgt. Dyer that if he would "work" for the FBI for 2 yrs and help the FBI infiltrate the Patriot/Tea Parties/Militia Community, then all these criminal charges that were pending against him would "disappear."

FBI Agent Gene Pool handed Sgt. Dyer a list of objectives to review, but Sgt. Dyer looked at Agent Pool, and told him, "no thank you."

Sgt Charles Dyer wanted his "rights" to a "trial" where he would be given his opportunity to share with the jury his defense.

Sgt. Dyer believed in the Justice System and was looking forward to his day in court where he could then show his innocence and clear his name from these false allegations.

All his evidence that would of shown the jury that Sgt. Dyer is innocent, has been covered up and not presented to the jury during trial.

Judge Enos and the District Attorney has committed extreme violations, and this must be exposed.

District Attorney Jason Hicks's office has evidence that shows Sgt. Dyer is innocent, but will not allow this evidence into court! OSBI was part of this investigation and has kept the investigation that helps prove the innocence of Sgt. Dyer hidden.

This type of abuse of powers and controlled information must come to a stop! Now the life of Sgt. Charles Dyer is at risk due to this horrible conviction.

Sgt. Charles Dyer's mother Janet Dyer has been threatened that if she did not cooperate with the FBI that they would make her son go away for up to 40 yrs!

Mrs. Janet Dyer also over heard some Stephens County deputies discuss what they were going to do to Charles Dyer when he gets convicted. Mrs. Dyer heard them say "they would put him in general population and see how long he will last."

The FBI and Stephens County Oklahoma have railroaded Sgt. Charles Dyer, and now has convicted him to prison for 30 yrs!

The system failed Sgt. Charles Dyer aka July 4 Patriot

PLEASE help save this man’s life!



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