Update on January 01, 2013

  • Update #15

well Christmas & New Year are behind us now and our voice is still way to small. Thank you all once again for your support but if we want to make any kind of an impact we need to drum up a lot more support, so I ask you again to please keep sharing the…Read More

Update on December 16, 2012

  • Update #13

hi everybody, well we still have only 99 signatures so our voice is still very small. please be sure to invite people to come on board and show their support with a signature. I notice that we are getting signatures from people around the world so a special…Read More

Update on December 15, 2012

  • Update #11

thank you again everybody. we still need heaps more signatures if we want to be able to get this message to have an impact. Please keep posting the link and encouraging people to sign. the question is this - if you were homeless and hungry would you like to…Read More

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