This is a petition I would like people to sign on behalf of a loving caring son, brother, and a good friend to many! Todd was shot down in cold blood by Weber County Drug Enforcement Officers The Shooter was Officer Troy Burnett on Sept 16th 2010! There is a video that was posted of the drug raid and officers did not even have warrant in hand when they kicked in Todd's door the warrant was for Meth and Heroin according to Strike Force Officer Kortwright of Davis County a Confidential Informant told him Todd was in possession of 2 ounces of heroin and was going to be getting more according to the police report that night the way it was handled was so wrong in so many ways it started out with very angry people it made news world wide the comments coming in from people were so unbelievable mostly expressing their anger against law enforcement and mostly on Todd's behalf! This Video is posted on you tube under Todd Blair Shooting Roy Utah! If you have not watched it I ask that you please do, those of you that have already know and if you think that this shooting was wrong in many ways and feel like it could of been held in another way please we ask you to please sign the petition to get the laws changed on No Knock Warrants because it puts every ones life in danger it's a loose no win situation on everybody involved people are even to afraid to call the police you hear people talk about it every day they are here to protect and serve not to shoot to kill! The officer was cleared on about October 22nd 2010 and promoted to lieutenant shortly after! There was another No Knock Warrant made on Matthew Stewart home once again invasion of his privacy and his home and it had a very ugly out come 6 officers gunned down by a man who was wakened out of a dead sleep his military instinct kicked in and left one officer dead! These types of warrants need to be stopped and held in a different way! They have gotten way out of control and many say the police do what they want, to whom ever they want, when ever they want because they know they will get away with it because the justice system always takes their side and will be justified just like in Todd's case. The war on drugs is out of control because the police have let it! They can bust you for possession, sales or use of drugs but as soon as they take it off the street they are putting it right back on by their Confidential Informant to bust people for possessing it to keep raking in the revenue and keeping their people in the system. Drugs lead to addiction it is a disease they need to find better ways to help out these people instead of being bound and determined to keep them in the system! Please sign lets try to get the laws changed more people need to speak up because if they don't it is only going to get more ugly! Stop the violence!!Sign today!


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