Recently, animal control officers in Sikeston, Missouri went from home to home forcibly removing innocent pit bulls—along with other breeds deemed pit bull-like—from their families. These dogs had shown no prior signs of aggression, yet were taken to shelters where they now risk euthanasia by the state. The owners, many of whom followed all the Dog Control laws of their region, including dog registration, posting "beware of dog" signs, extra insurance mandates, etc., weren't compensated for their stolen "property" or shown any type of due process. Rather, they were robbed of their family pets, many of whom might die for no other reason than being born the breed they were born. We, the undersigned, find it a complete injustice that the dog owners' compliance with the law was what led the officials to their doors. Breed discrimination is unjust, robbing a family of their beloved pet based solely on their appearance is unjust, and we as a community of concerned citizens throughout the U.S. won't allow or accept it. We implore you to return these innocent family pets to the families they were seized from immediately. We also ask that you consider repealing any breed-specific laws, like your surrounding cities of Chesterfield, Wentzville, Manchester and Town and Country have done. Steps should be taken to protect the public from individually aggressive dogs, not entire breeds. Thank you.


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