Care of the elderly in Britain 2012 is only free to people who have never worked, never contributed as a taxpayer - For those of us who have worked all of our lives and paid taxes supporting our 'Welfare State' - well any sane person would imagine that this group would; when the time came and their health failed , be able to enjoy their remaining years in a care Home. Well no, at least not for free, this group (taxpayers), are expected to pay yet again. If, as my parents did, you work all of your life, pay taxes, live carefully and manage thru. financial diligence (few luxuries etc) to save money for a 'rainy day' or to leave to your children and grandchildren - wel then, that money is taken from you, to pay for your care. They will even take your house and sell it to pay Care Home fees. If your partner is still living in the house they will; on the death of your partner lay claim to your 'Estate' to pay retrospectively your Care Home fees. Out of 31 people in my mums care home she was the only one paying. My mum is not rolling in money, She is the wife of a train driver. The government will 'let her' keep £23,250.00 of her own money. Money which was hard earned and already taxed. This victimisation and cruel unfair treatment of the people who are the financial mainstay of this country is outrageous. Where are their 'Human Rights' . YOUNG PEOPLE who work hard - this is your future, to have your home and savings taken by government - Why would anyone work their lives and aspire to owning their own home, and have savings in the bank if they are to have it removed by government when they are too ill to challenge it. This most vulnerable group of people are being robbed; after years of loyal service supporting the welfare system for others.


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