Tara Heidinger
Tara Heidinger Campaign leader

Cameras In Special Needs Classrooms

I have a special needs daughter that is unable to communicate as she would like to be able to, due to her disabilities, and think this is a great idea. Not only to protect our children with special needs, but also it would be there for us if we would like to see how their day was. The teachers…Read More

This is my brother Scott. He is now 30 yrs old. We need cameras to protect our loved ones. When my brother was in the 6th grade he would…Read More

Cameras In Special Needs Classrooms

my son Nelson autistic, and not verbal. He started school special need in 2013 in the school Eva Beach, Kaneo ula, Hi. the teacher yelled and children were frightened. the first day of my son at school, the teacher yelled another child in front of mine, without her seeing me to bully my son. My…Read More

My son is 5 and is deaf and he can't tell me if something happens to him we need camars in special needs class room for all the kids that are non verbal that can't tell us if something happens to them

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