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Lisa Miller

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Cameras In Special Needs Classrooms

A lot of you know our daughter Elizabeth is considered non-verbal. To us she gets her point across and makes us know what she wants most of the time. Almost 2 yrs ago Lizzie started regressing, not wanting to go to school, having accidents, and coming home in soiled underpants. We asked questions wrote notes went to higher ups got no where. I talked to the other parents and some were having similar problems. I received a phone call from a detective that her teacher was being investigated for abuse and neglect. We took our daughter out of school until we found a new school we were more comfortable with. I can't help but wonder everytime I send her to school if she's being cared for properly. I also have walked into her class on more than 1 occation that the teachers, assistants, and pca's are having social hour and the kids are running around like its play time or recess. Is this why she's not progressing? Camaras should be on every bus and in everyroom in the school that our children who can't tell us what's going on are safe. I should have the same peace of mind as every parent that has a child that can speak for themselves.

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Kelly McAllister

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Cameras In Special Needs Classrooms

Hello, my name is Kelly. My son, River, is moderately autistic. He was in the RSG program for about a year and a half, for early intervention. He has just entered special needs preschool. I was already worried about abuse issues, due to prior research findings. A few months back I contemplated starting this very petition myself. But was not sure if it would even be listened to, due to budget cuts as it is. But now, after only a week in his new school. I am already hearing local horror stories about all of the special needs classes in all of the local schools. One in particular, there is an accusation of a teacher locking her students in the bathroom as punishment. And students coming home with bruises, scratches, bite marks, and a busted lip. One being let loose to run around in the parking lot, even with having a one-on-one aide. I am petrified of sending my son to school, and not knowing if he is being treated appropriately, or not. And knowing that he lacks the ability to tell me. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION!!!!! Thank you!! This could be someone you know and love!!

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Kimberly Dawn

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Cameras In Special Needs Classrooms

When I had a meeting with some school officials concerning my nearly non-verbal son with autism, I was told that unfortunately there are no videos to see what really happened. I told them that there was a simple solution to that (video surveillance and skype would hardly cost a cent) and of course I got more irrational defensive statements one on top of the other. But what is truly unfortunate, and shameful, isn't the fact that most of our special needs children can't tell us, it is that the school officials aren't willing to fix that problem with a simple solution, instead they fight it, a solution that good daycares use because those children aren't capable of or too young to understand speaking up for themselves also.

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Angela Roark

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Cameras In Special Needs Classrooms

As a parent of a special needs daughter this would cut down on the abuse and allegations of abuse and neglect to our most defenseless...children!! Some of the special needs children in our public schools are non-verbal and can not tell exactly what is happening to them. This would cut costs of lawyers of the public school system, court costs, and costly out of court settlements, therefore, it is a win-win situation. Our kids are safe and our public schools saves money on attorney and court fees. With all the allegations of disabled children being abused and neglected in the school system this would identify any and all allegations of abuse and neglect. Cameras don't lie!!

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