I am so impressed with the turnout and support of concerned Americans on this tragedy and gross misconduct by our family court system in America.  It is outdated, dysfunctional and under funded.  I would like to share another instance of a jurist that has little knowledge of the family laws issued…Read More

Thank you all for your support for the cause. We still need to shine attention on this failing court system. Even since I started Best Interest Of The Child, the family court system continues to deteriorate and put children at risk. Please help us reach our goals and spreading the word!

Thank you…Read More

Sean Fitzgerald
Sean Fitzgerald Campaign leader

Why would you want an inexperienced and un-knowledgable family law judge presiding over your divorce and custody of your children? Family law attorneys that are "family law specialist" need to take specialized courses, have a specified amount of time involved in family law matters and pass a…Read More

Thank you all for your support. We still need a lot more signers. Many families and children are being failed by our Family Court system in America. Please help us bring attention to the tragic erosion that is putting innocent children at risk from inexperienced and un-knowledgeable judges. Please…Read More