This is a bill introduced by Jim Moran, North Virginia Congressman. It will put an end to the gas chamber being used to euthanize animals .

Read this heart wrenching letter from a shelter worker whose sole job is to put these dogs to death via the chamber:

It is against the law to kill a prisoner accused of a brutal crime to be put to death inhumanely. For animals, however, such is not the case. They are put in roll cages and the gas is turned on, leaving them fully aware of every excruciating one of their last moments. What is THEIR crime? Trust. Not being able to take care of themselves as we do and relying on irresponsible people to do the right thing, such as spaying or neutering. This type of death for animals is just unconscionable. We MUST help get this bill passed!! It will save our sweet fur companions from being brutally executed. I'm begging you to sign this petition and help get this bill passed.

To see more info on this bill and keep track of its progress, go to

*Note: the pic above is Daniel, the dog who miraculously survived the gas chamber in Florence, AL. His story here:


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