Proper medical and mental healthcare for those that have served our great nation should be a priority in the United States of America. Unfortunately, our nation's veterans are often faced with long waiting lists for medical care and mental health treatment. Due to the great difficulty in receiving proper care experienced by those who have fought for our country many veterans have resorted to suicide. As is the case with Army Specialist Ryan Yurchison who died three months in to a six month waiting list for inpatient treatment his local VA facility. We strongly urge the federal government, who has a responsibility to care for our current and former service members, to increase funding and the number of medical professionals to provide proper care at VA health facilities around the country.

"At least 23,000 veterans (ex-soldiers) and service members have died by suicide, according to data reported in 2008 by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Center for a New American Security titled, “Upholding the Promise: A Strategy for Veterans and Military,” says the president must confront two serious problems on veterans issues: rampant suicides and more than a million unprocessed veterans benefits claims, mostly filed by combat-wounded men and women who volunteered to fight for America during the two military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan."

It's time to let the government officials in the United States know that the poor medical and mental health treatment of our nation's veterans is unacceptable. Let's fight for those who fought for us!


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