There are hundreds of thousands of victims and survivors still being victimized needlessly, by Felons that continue to post or have things posted for them . It is traumatic for family members to see or hear about , what someone who injured or killed a family member has to say. Many times these posts hinder the healing process as they are threats, pity me (the offender) comments etc..

We the family and friends request Facebook to suspend a Facebook account while a felon is in custody or awaiting trial if the felony caused great bodily injury or death to the victim. We the people ask that Facebook give access to an immediate family member to a Facebook account of a victim who has been killed or injured to the point they themselves cannot access Facebook. We the people ask that Facebook NOT suspend an account of a deceased person unless contatced by an immediate family member. We the people ask Facebook to show compassion while dealing with families under such tragic circumstances and work with the family in person NOT with generic emails.

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, all Shareholders and employees of Facebook. Have a little compassion for victims and survivors of crimes.


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