The One World Declaration of Peace & Justice was written by Seth D. King and distributed worldwide by the United People for Peace (UPP!). The original version of this petition was co-authored by students and signed by over 500 students, teachers, staff and parents from Alliance College-Ready Academy High School #5 in Los Angeles, CA.

The United People for Peace (UPP!) is an International Association dedicated to responsibility, integrity, community, leadership, partnership, friendship, justice, and world peace!

The Mission of UPP! is to champion the causes of world peace, youth empowerment and education locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Purpose of UPP! is to source a worldwide peace, education, and justice movement that current, past, and future neighborhood, city, state, country, and world leaders must recognize, acknowledge, and respect.

The Vision of UPP! is to consciously forward peace, community, humanity, and stability on Earth by inspiring and orchestrating a radical shift now in humanity to the real work of peace and justice.

First, we believe the real work of peace and justice to be the ethical, conscious, humane, and creative awakening of humanity into educated and responsible community leaders and global citizens.

Next, we propose an immediate shift away from nationally driven militarization in economic exchange for the massive pre-emptive provision of humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and community service to all people around the world with an international public broadcast of this shift.

We acknowledge the fact that military war is a humanitarian, financial, and environmentally unsustainable resource disaster. We understand military war to be a terrorist act which only results in more terrorists from those surviving parents and children whose families have been killed by military actions especially including those pre-emptive actions with little or no justification as being in self-defense.

Additionally, we believe real peace and justice can only authentically be forwarded through an immediate social and political, national and international economic thrust towards all unlimited and renewable green energy technologies with which to fulfill upon universally available clean energy and environmental sustainability.

The Scope of our Vision is ultimately to generate a global movement of people who are responsible for feeding, clothing, housing, and educating every single person. We are quite literally committed to a world where 80-90% of the the funding now spent on the machines of war and on soldiers in the military is re-allocated to forwarding education, providing goods and services, ending poverty and building humane and healthy communities around the world.

We believe that if we truly want peace, we will serve, care for, educate, and assist those with whom we once were at war, and we will immediately transform our entire economy to cease military war completely. We believe that feeding, clothing, housing, and educating the world's people to be much cheaper in every way, including financially, than economic exploitation, militaristic oppression, imperialism and mass genocide.

Through the use of the worldwide internet, with the global support and demand for it by larger and larger groups of people, we contend that transparency, justice, and world peace are now possible in ways never before experienced in human history.

With a global demand for it by larger and larger groups of people, we believe that world governments will have no choice but to change their major policies related to energy, technology, militarization, and war as demanded by the people.

Please join us in those ways which apply to you given your own knowledge, skills, talents, abilities, interests, credentials, and commitments in fulfillment of the Mission, Purpose and Vision of UPP!

The power is within us to stand united as one people for peace and justice. The power is within our hearts and minds to cause… World Peace & Justice Now!

Thank you.


Seth D. King

North American Region

United People for Peace



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