Join this cause if you are a fan of Jillian Jensen, contestant in The X Factor USA 2012. Jillian deserves to advance to the live shows based on her passion and courage alone, never mind the fact that she has a unique voice and pours her heart into every word that she sings. She is a naturally talented singer, sings with passion, but most importantly, had the courage to stand on stage and go for her dreams even though she was severely bullied in middle school and high school. Here is a link to Jillian's rendition of Jesssie J's "Who You Are" (she played the background music as well):

SPOILER ALERT! Jillian Jensen was eliminated from the competition by judge Demi Lovato by saying "the problem is this competition is based on more than just incredible're going home."

With all due respect to Demi, she made a mistake and WE need to fix it! They need to bring Jillian back for the live shows. This wouldn't be unprecedented on The X Factor as last year Simon Cowell, the producer and judge on The X Factor, brought back Melanie Amaro to the live shows and she ended up winning the competition. He admitted later that he made a mistake in sending her home.

You can help make Jillian's dream a reality by doing 3 things right now:
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3. Tell your friends

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