Update on November 04, 2012

  • Update #6

All of you are truly amazing. I am simply speechless at the amount of support that has been shown towards this cause. I am happy to report that Facebook is starting to take us seriously and slowly but surely some of these pages are being removed. I won't stop…Read More

Update on October 28, 2012

  • Update #5

I am glad that things aren't moving as fast as they should be and that I had to extend the length of the petition. There's another victim of bullying that took her life. Her name is Felicia Garcia. Once again, the bullying is continuing on Facebook. There are…Read More

Update on October 20, 2012

  • Update #3

Hi again! I have been asked by a few members to post some links to websites or programs that will assist parents in tracking their child's usage on the internet. I haven't been able to find the link to the program that I use. When I downloaded it a few years…Read More

Update on October 20, 2012

  • Update #2

Hi fellow supporters! I truly hope that you're all doing well. This will be a quick update. First of all, I want to apologize to all that are leaving comments. I, personally, want the comment section to be no approval required which would allow anyone to…Read More

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