Since the tragic suicide of 15 year old, Amanda Todd, became public there have been numerous pages created on Facebook to continue to bully the deceased child. Not only have there been several pages created, there have been disgustingly distasteful photos of Ms. Todd surfacing all over Facebook. Facebook has been kind to remove a few of the photos, however, they are continuing to allow users to create pages and post photos that most consider to be in very poor taste. Facebook needs to remove ALL pages, groups, and photos that pertain to Ms. Amanda Michelle Todd and the horrible tragedy that has transpired. Facebook is allowing the bullies to post horrible photos and comments even on the Amanda Todd memorial pages. 1,000s of Facebook users have complained and have reported the inappropriate photos, groups, and pages but yet Facebook administrators are refusing to do the right thing and remove them. Amanda Todd needs to RIP and her family needs to mourn the loss of their loved one without the continuance of bullying.


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