Solutions Nigeria - A Prosperous Nigeria with more Choices for The Majority!

1. Increased wealth for Majority of Nigerians whereby more Nigerians will have access to more income from job it will create or their individual ideas and actions. This is obtainable in Nigeria only when and if we practice a free market economy and a stable power supply.

I. In a “Free Market Economy” innovative Nigerians belief that sincere hard work and creativity will be compensated with achievements. Our concept of Nigerian dream, need to change to that of “we are in business to make profit mentality.” Therefore, in order to make this profit, we will have to practice competition which is an essential element of a system with a free market economy.

II. In a competitive market, best products and services will need to be offered to customers at reasonable cost in order to succeed. A new product or innovation, first, usually enters a market with high prices, which will later be driven down through competition once more people enter the market with similar products and service or following a period of time.

III. In this wise, fake or over priced products and service will later fall out of the market making companies that cannot compete to leave the markets as the customers will snub it.

IV. In Nigeria, we have a very poor monopolistic market, where people don't know how to compete. Why majority of Nigerians, wait to know somebody in position of power before they can either get a job or achieve any meaningful success.

V. In some western countries such as Britain or the US, people don't have to know Cameron or Obama before they can get a job. They just prepare themselves to compete. These will promote a near just society where people begin to take responsibilities for their successes or failures.

VI. Customers demands of product and services will be the only factors that will determine a winner or a loser in every sector of a free market economy such as job finders, business consumers etc. in a free market economy, it will be you and I alone that will determine our fate, not anyone who knows someone in power or the government of the day.

VII. Most importantly, a free market economy will give you and me the power of choice. It will in the process create so many individual Nigerians with entrepreneurial abilities spreading wealth to more households in Nigeria than what obtains currently. In this wise, it will be just your believes in your abilities and the creativities God gave you to succeed thus, creating more young millionaires from Nigerians large virgin market with over 160 million people.

2. Our few successful people cannot live in peace without fear of being robbed or hated by some were by they have to require police escorts to get around. Nigeria's poverty level is high, even when people living abroad visits Nigeria, their family members or acquaintances living in Nigeria, become preoccupied with how to steal from you in the process leaving you with nothing. So in order for you to enjoy your own little achievements, you have no choice but to first find ways for others to be comfortable then, they will be preoccupied with their own life and achievements in the process allowing you to live in peace with yours.

"Sometimes we feel that one individual's action is very insignificant. Then we think, of course, that effects should come from channeling or from a unifying movement. But the movement of the society, community or group of people means joining individuals. Society means a collection of individuals, so that initiative must come from individuals. Unless each individual develops a sense of responsibility, the whole community cannot move. So therefore, it is very essential that we should not feel that individual effort is meaningless- you should not feel that way. We should make an effort."- Dalai Lama.

Patriotic Nigerians that desire a country where freedom to aspire to any position of our choice, a Nation with a conducive environment such as stable power supply, good road network and available jobs for majority or some form of benefit system for those unable to acquire a job, where choices can be made, without having to wait or needing someone in government before majority are able to become somebody in their own country. It is time to act by signing up to this petition. if you want things to remain as it is now, then by all means, Please don't sign it as we have decided to pursue this cause to its logical conclusion.

10 million Nigerians cannot be arrested and our dignity will remain high because we stood up against a wrong for the selfish interest of the majority of Nigerians. We are a nation blessed with talents and innovative tendencies. We need to allow ourselves use them whereby creating a conducive environment for all. If these our mentality does not change, I can assure that we may never witness stable power supply in Nigeria as it is this same people with monopolistic ways that are buying our power plants. It is these people that don't know how to make wealth but only how steal wealth.

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