The illegal sale of human body parts has grown into a national industry in the United States. Spurred into a lucrative profit making business under the direction of local coroners and medical examiners, the international trade in human organs, bones, tissue and limbs operated under the radar of public scrutiny until a ghastly sordid discovery of preserved body parts in a Florida storage unit made national news headlines.

Coroners, the least qualified of public officials, and medical examiners, usually a medical doctor, have no public oversight, no requirement for accountability, accuracy or ethics.

These untrained death investigators; coroner and medical examiners determine if a sudden unattended death is a homicide or natural cause.

They testify as an expert witness at criminal trials.

Their statement of cause and manner of death can prevent law enforcement from investigating a death, even when evidence is discovered that may prove their decision incorrect.

Their biased and often conflict of interest decisions allow murderers to go free, and innocent persons to go to jail without any recourse from the public.

We must:
• Replace the obscure coroner system with medical examiners
• Establish minimum qualification for medical examiners, deputy medical examiner
• Create federal and state regulation of coroners and medical examiners
• Form a local, independent oversight commission to examine autopsy reports for accuracy (nonpolitical members, lay persons, medical, legal, law enforcement two from each occupation)
• Require photos of the corpse as arrived, during any organ removal, and list any organ disposed of as a part of the autopsy
• Funeral directors must file a report with photos of how they received the body, listing any organs that are missing.
• Next of kin to the decedent must be notified of organ removal, and sign a consent form – even if a donor card is on file.
• Account for any funds, fees, special consideration or transfer costs received from organs, tissue, bones or any other body parts removed from a corpse.
• Any compensation received from sale of body parts from a corpse MUST be paid to the estate of the victim/corpse.
Without oversight and sunlight on the death industry, this criminal theft of body parts will continue to enrich the personal pockets of coroners, medical examiners and their secret organization that is funded by citizen taxes and fees.


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