One of the rarest mammal in the world, one horn Rhino is surviving in the north-east corner of India. Kaziranga, Pobitora and Orang national parks of Assam account almost 95% of the total wild One horned rhino in the world.
Though the Horn of Indian rhino is their symbol of strength and power, it is the one of the main reason of their threatended extinction. The horn and other parts like nails, skins have very high value in Asian traditional medicinal market. The horn is believed to be the strongest aphrodisiac in China. This is the reason why rhino horns were given extremely high price. The poaching of Rhinos still continues in the region of Kaziranga and other parts of Assam.
A combination of official and unofficial data points out that a total of 292 one horned rhinos were killed by poachers since 2001. The reasons for that??
The forest department has not been able to induct new blood in the services since 1991 as fresh requirements are banned. The ageing staff with limited capacity to work hard and cope up with the heavy pressure of the varied class of duties has created management problems. The staff has to work round the clock as most of the forest offenders and poachers operate during the night hours. The excessive pressure and lack of basic amenities and living conditions particularly in the fur-flung remote areas have resulted in a lot of frustration.
The threats to the park has been envisaged in the setting up of industries within or adjacent to the park as well as quarrying and mining activities in the ‘No Development Zone’ around Kaziranga and Karbi Anglong Elephant Reserve. Equally disturbing is the aggressive organized encroachment by illegal migrants with political backing. Encroachment by tea gardens, coupled with illegal logging have eroded vast stretches of the prime wildlife habitat. Unchecked growth of the hospitality industry in close confines of the park is destroying the once placid pristine ambiance.
Among these, the threat of illegal immigrants is the most immediate. As per unofficial records, over four lakh hectares of land in the park has been occupied by people with "dubious citizenship" who have eroded the area of the rhinos as well as being involved in dubious poaching activities..
And add to all that, the reaction of the Government, "We Will Order An Official Enquiry..."
Maybe its time to stop the enquiry and take some action.. Don't let the animals die just because they can't cast votes..


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