In Romanian language – Luati atitudine, cat un clic… N-o lasati pe "madam" Plumb sa-i plumbuiasca ! Sa lasam ursii in pace. In felul acesta poate mai scapam de cate un pensionar ratacit sau hai-hui singurel pe ulita satului, noaptea, prea tarziu sau poate de cate un braconier care isi hraneste familia infometata, iar politicienii si toti maharii se vor putea in continuare desfata din cand in cand cu cate o supa de laba… de urs evident. Ce spuneam acum doua zile - din nou si de la capat povestea se repeta - are Dumenzeu profil pe Facebook sa trimitem si noi o jalba despre adunatura de idioti cu care ne binecuvanteaza !

In English language - two accidents happened recently in Romania and bears made two victims - one of bears was enraged and the 2nd one was illegally trapped by a damned outlaw. The most stupid "female minister" of the environment - found the solution - a "global" chase... They want to hunt down over 300 brown bears. As they are snobs and without spinal, we think that serious help from the behalf of international community would make them change their mind...we never know please help!


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