For far too long the Constitution Of The United States has been ignored by our elected representatives and reinterpreted by the leftists to mean anything other than what our Founding Fathers intended. Our freedoms in America have been eroded piece by piece, one bit of legislation at a time, until we have reached a point where it's all or nothing. Either we stand up for what was given to us through the blood and sacrifice of our forefathers or we become slaves to tyrannical forces whose only desire is to see humankind shackled with fear and merely surviving one more day to serve the masters of the secular world. We must resolve to relearn the principles of Divine Truth which impelled our Christian Forefathers to establish the REPUBLIC of these united states! We must have the words of the Constitution ingrained into our minds and written upon our hearts. We must study the words of the Founding Fathers so that the forces of darkness may never again be allowed to foster any lie or deceive any person into believing anything other than the truth, and that being, that the Constitution was founded upon Biblical Principles and the Founding Fathers were Christians empowered and motivated by the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Amen!


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