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Save Princess Vlei:

Dearest friends and family: near our home there is a large natural body of fresh water called Princess Vlei. It has been a green area for generations - people picnic and fish there and for years there has been a fish market during weekends. Recently interested parties have taken on removing Alien vegetation there and replanted local fynbos to reestablish the original flora, in a campaign called"Dressing the Princess". There has been a drawn-out legal battle with the authorities to stop business development in the form of a MALL(!) at this natural area. Please sign this petition, dear people - the Princess needs all the support and protection we can give her!

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Astrid Kotze

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Save Princess Vlei:

Having been a resident of Retreat and now Muizenberg for more than 40years and as a community development worker in the Steenberg/Lavender Hill Vrygrond area "the princess" has been and still is a key feature of my (nature-al) surroundings - this is how it MUST stay for our children, grandchildren and generations to follow. Commercial and (other similar) developers have many options and places to erect their ghastly concrete structures - the vlei does NOT have to be one of those. It is incumbent on us to preserve the ever reducing number of natural spaces in our communities and in our country and globally. Hands-Off the peoples' princess!!!

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