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Debby Reading Dayton

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Help Everyone Have More Birthdays.

I will celebrate my 56th birthday in 3 unique ways this year. First, it is on Thanksgiving so I will be with lots of family and friends and have much to be thankful for. Second, I will have a follow up CT scan the day prior and my 10th chemo treatment the day after. Yes, I am one of the "lucky" folks who have heard the the words "You have Cancer". I am feeling very blessed to have amazing friend and family support. So for the third unique way of celebration I am asking for donations for my birthday to the American Cancer Society. I would love to raise $560.00 dollars to celebrate my 56th birthday so that more research can be done to make it so everyone can celebrate their birthdays and no one has to hear "You have Cancer". I would appreciate any donation you are able to make.

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Cirsten Boggs

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Help Everyone Have More Birthdays.

Hello, my name is Cirsten. I will be turning 22 years old November 11. On October 30 my stepbrother, Alex, would have been turning 19 years old. This is very hard considering cancer (neuroblastoma) took him at age 10 (just before his 11 birthday). He wasn't able to experience any of his teenage years. I am challenging my family and friends to help raise a small amount of $111 dollars (you know how I am with my elevens). I am not expecting $20 donations, I am asking for a minimum of ONE dollar. If all of my face book friends donated ONE dollar we would well over double this goal. ONE dollar is a very small amount. Please donate today to help me reach this goal before my birthday. Thank you everyone for taking the time to donate or even consider it.

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Nan Cy

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Help Everyone Have More Birthdays.

Hey guys... My birthday is coming up & I wanna make it extra HAPPY this 2013! I'm going to donate my birthday to those who are less fortunate BUT who can have MORE birthdays to come. This will be especially for those who were, are and/or will be victims of cancer. Cancer affects a lot of people that I know & also their families & friends as well. Reality is, life is inevitable & you never know what tomorrow will bring. I want to not only support another tomorrow but a POSITIVE tomorrow. Let's turn feeling helpless into being HOPEFUL! If you thought of giving me a present or have me in your thoughts during my birthday, can you donate $1 to this charity? "Every penny counts." This is my 1st time doing this so I am completely new to it, so forgive me if I do not know all the details. But I know for sure, the money you donate will go to America's Cancer Society. I received an email from them & asked if I was interested in "donating your birthday". I didn't even realize my birthday was coming up- and THAT'S when you know you are getting up there in age lol. When I was younger, I kept wishing I was older. Now when I am older, I keep wishing I was younger. Lol, it's funny how life works. I was not looking forward to another +1 to my age, but after getting the email from ACS, I realized how lucky I am to have another birthday & how fortunate I am to be able to celebrate it (or even acknowledge it) with my family, my friends, my coworkers, my social media buddies, & even random people around the world who come across my Twitter, FB or Instagram. I'm goal for this cause is low, $30. But I'm assuming out of 150 people in my social media network that I REALLY know at least 70 will see my status, at least 50 will care to read on, at least 40 are interested in doing charity and at least 30 people will know it's my birthday. And I know for sure 20 people are thinking of getting me an amazing present already so.. I made it easy for ya this year lol and you know for SURE I will LOVE this present & it will not go to waste. I kicked it off already so I'm already 1/3 of the way. So come on! Let's make my 21st birthday a meaningful one! 1st shout out to MY MOM: for always teaching me: "To be able to give is a gift itself." I love you and thank you for molding me into being an amazing woman today and everyday. I am who I am because of you. Thank you for giving me life and I thank God for you being in it. 2nd shout out to my godmom: thank you for showing me the light when I am in the dark. Thank you for your unconditional love, care and listening ears (lol). Thank u especially for not just saying words but by being an example. SPECIAL AND MAIN SHOUT TO MARY SELEPES... We are probably closer now than when you were down here. Your passing really hit home for me b/c I worked with your sons for over a decade and b/c we are so close in age. Even though they are troublemakers lol, they have your kind heart and positive sense of humor and energy. Being around them reminds me of you. You have the sweetest and dearest husband that defines what love means "in sickness and in health." Even though cancer took your presence away down here does not mean it won because through you we continue to live and fight on! During the holidays (including my birthday) I especially remember you and your fight. I want to take this opportunity to raise awareness to cancer and let you know that you are never forgotten <3

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