a big Thank you

  • Update #18

would like to thank all member's that have signed my camaign to Stop Dog Fight's Within the U.K. Your support has been so appreciated. Still nearing our target of 10,000. Would again ask please help this campaign to reach it's goal. Reachout to your family…Read More

pressing need's

  • Update #17

please,please keep signature's coming to Stop Dog Fighting Within the U.K. These dog's are at the mercy of the cruel minded people who use our dog's for their own greed. The only people who gain from this is greedy heartless people. They should not get away…Read More

Government need to be told!!!

  • Update #16

since my last comment signature's have poured in we are nearly half way to completing our target. Please keep the signature's coming as while we don't sign. Dog's are suffering at the hand's of greedy people that perfer to use them instead of getting a job…Read More

Update on May 27, 2013

  • Update #14

When this petition reach's 10,000  This  petition  will be placed into the hand's of the main M.P. of Erdington  . Who i will badger until he places this into the hand's of David Camron or get's heard in the  House of Common's. We are a group big and strong…Read More

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