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Su Dhaubhadel
Su Dhaubhadel Campaign leader

Male Breast Self-Exams Can Save Lives Too

Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer
Every year, October Breast Cancer Awareness Month helps spread the message about early detection through mammograms and self exams. However, this doesn't only apply to women. While the rate of men that develop breast cancer is lower than women, the threat is still a reality. According to the American Cancer Society, each year there are 2,240 new…Read More
Su Dhaubhadel
Su Dhaubhadel Campaign leader

I lost myself when I lost my mom . STAY STRONG, HAVE HOPE !

I lost myself when I lost my mom .

The Breast Cancer Site
It was 1999, February 28th ;also my brother's birthday when she went to God. She was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.It presented a view of life that we hadn't had to consider before. Each day took on a special meaning for each one of us. It was important for us to make every day count. My brother was 12 years old and I was 9 years old; I…Read More