Update on October 24, 2012

  • Update #12

Goal has been met and more some! Thank you all who have signed, in process of telling facebook to shut it down, or hand over admin rights as there is no admin! Thank each and everyone of you who signed! xoxo Please stop by our page and keep updated on tearing…Read More

Update on September 14, 2012

  • Update #11

A group of us, decided to open the envelope a bit, we decided to up the number of signatures. So please keep on sharing! We got the needed amount in less then a week, let's make the next mark for this week! Thank you all for the support

Update on September 11, 2012

  • Update #9

Hello again all signers, new and old! I got great news, the petiton was shown on a well known online newspaper that shows news all around the world, here is the link! ENJOY AS IT IS GETTING SENT TO FB WHEN PETITION IS FINISHED! We will fight for whats right,…Read More

Update on September 10, 2012

  • Update #8

UPDATE--EXTREMELY IMPORTANT HERE-- OK report the page, if you get a email back from facebook saying they feel nothing is wrong... send them email-- THERE IS PROPER AUTHORITIES WATCHING THE PAGE... I am sending along a link with this update so you can contact…Read More

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