Per favore, aiutiamo a fermare la tortura sui gatti in Cina!
Aiutiamo anche i Cinesi a cominciare a considerare gli Animali come esseri viventi a noi amici ! La Grande Antica Civiltà Cinese non può esprimersi oggi
attraverso queste nefandezze.....
Please, sign to end cat torture in China and help…Read More

It's terrible that some people can can be so cruel, we must do everything in our power to stop this cruelty once and for all, although very difficult to watch the world has to know

Cats have been friends of humans for centuries, they are one of the most loving and smart creatures with feelings. We should never kill them for the purpose of pleasure or money, what is happening in China is beyond cruel. It makes me want to hate humans for who they are, it makes me question our…Read More