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Personal Campaign

Timothy Doxtator

Timothy is gathering 10 signatures to

Gain Sovereignty Of All Indigenous People

all treaty's that were made between our people and the European's that came here to our homeland were made between their people and our leaders of our nations in the beginning it was our people who instructed these people to form their own government and we gave them clear and definite borders where our nations lived and died in our own territory's we have always been sovereign nations we don't need verification from any of these oppressors who constantly try and fill our children s minds with their nonsense we have been watching and listening to their lies for over five hundred years its become quite clear to us who the savage is these people are trying to dominate the entire world for the earths resources their war machine runs on oil but so does our mother the earth and there in its self lies the problem we the children of the earth are giving these world destroying powers one last warning stop what u are doing you cant fool all the people all the time all your money is not going to help you once the chain of events are started the natural word is a force u can not defeat and this will not be the first time that our mother the earth has cleansed its self of of creatures trying to destroy it and the children of the earth which these people are clearly not a part of you can not hide from your punishment that the father of creation has in store for u for the wrong you have done while in this world there is no forgiveness for the atrocities that these people have committed against man kind this new world order that they seek to gain hold of will destroy them but it will also destroy all other life on earth but our prophecy's say that when the cleansing starts our people the people of the earth will be called to gather and they will be left behind to face the consequences of their actions so just know what u know we are our own people and need not these oppressors approval to be who we are the creator put us here and this is our home land not these visitors who came to destroy our mother the earth

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5 signed
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Personal Campaign

Steve Plummer

Steve is gathering 10 signatures to

Gain Sovereignty Of All Indigenous People

Indigenous people the world over are systematically being robbed of their land, their resources and their culture. Countries do not look to protect their interests but rather treat them as non-citizens with no voice and no right to self government. In many places around the world they are the last defenders and caretakers of the land and water that we all depend on to live. In the U.S. alone, indigenous people are under increasing pressure from the oil and gas industry, the nuclear industry and even the National Park system. The only way indigenous people can hope to save their land and their cultures is to have complete sovereignty recognized by the international community and within the boundaries of the country that surrounds them. I ask that you please add your name to this petition in support of indigenous sovereignty. Thank you.

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Personal Campaign

Nancy Wilson Ball

Nancy is gathering 30 signatures to

Gain Sovereignty Of All Indigenous People

I have been to the Lakota Nation in South Dakota..they can't work because of the racism, no one will hire them. The people we met were very kind, worked very hard making and selling beautiful jewelry and other Native American items to survive. The Wounded Knee Museum in Wall, S.D. is a living memorial to the cruelty heaped upon these wonderful people. I purchased copies of the treaties signed in Washington, D.C. with Indian Chiefs which were later broken. These people along with all tribes were killed by disease and fire arms, those that were left were put on reservations, their culture stolen from them. Their children were stolen and put in white schools where they were given American names and could no longer speak their own language, never to see their families again. I am very passionate about this subject. Please join me in signing this petition. Thank you. Very truly, Nancy Wilson Ball

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Personal Campaign

Karen Hetherington

Karen is gathering 10 signatures to

Gain Sovereignty Of All Indigenous People

This campaign matters to me because we were all indigenous people at one time. Their time has come. As the American people go into slavery in the New World Order, we must fight for the indigenous people because they are the intermediaries between the two worlds of heaven and earth. They have kept the earth in balance long before they were almost made extinct. If we don't care about them, we will have absolutely no spiritual power to assist us from this encroaching tyranny of the planet.

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