Update on January 19, 2013

  • Update #6

We have increased the number of signatures we need, as well as have extended the deadline to add all signatures to documents being created to support the needs of those surviving with Gastroparesis.  Please spread around.  Thank you and God Bless!!

Update on December 05, 2012

  • Update #5

While we have met our goal, and the Petition originally expired, we have extended the date so that we can continue to gain signatures to add to those we already have. It is important for us to continue to get this out. Make sure GP hits the Headlines of News…Read More

Update on November 12, 2012

  • Update #4

While we have exceeded the 500 signatures we were interested in obtaining through Facebook, we are still asking more to sign this Petition, so that we may add these signatures, to Petitions still being signed. While we may not receive an approval for the Bill…Read More

Update on October 20, 2012

  • Update #2

After research, I have found that Bill HR 2239 isn't getting much notice at all. I've checked in several locations under the 112th Legislation link which shows many Bills being looked at. We need more attention to have this considered at all.

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