justice for the murder of boogie, and action taken against the alabama officers that murder him!!!!!!!

May 2, 2012 Boogie, a 4-5 month old puppy, gunned down by the Birmingham, Alabama police department; he had gotten out of his yard and was apparently headed home; he was shot 6 times at the gate of his home. Our sympathy for Boogie's family and horror at the murderous reckless and cowardly behavior of the Birmingham Police Department. Lacy, thanks for letting us know about little Boogie. He did not deserve this. I shouldn't be shocked any more, but I am. A puppy."

This beautiful pit mix baby, only 4-5 months old, was just gunned down by the BI...RMINGHAM, ALABAMA POLICE DEPARTMENT 2 hours ago. He had been rescued, had beaten parvo (a commonly fatal puppy illness), and lived with one of my FB friends, whom I talk to all the time...only to be blown away by some cowardly MFers with badges. SIX GUNSHOTS for a 5 month old puppy who had escaped his yard and run back home. Left in a pool of blood at the gate to his house. Cops overheard bragging about the loudness of the gunshots. I'm sure there will be a news link regarding the situation tomorrow


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