Worker suicides and mass murders attributed to "disgruntled workers" are sometimes due to bullying in the workplace, according to experts in the field. Serial Bullies focus their efforts on one worker at a time, attempting to make themselves look good to others, by sabotaging a  worker's performance. Other workers may also be bullied as whistle blowers for reporting a bully's actions or depraved indifference to others. Bully Bosses are often psychopaths, while some suffer from other personality disorders. They may often treat other workers and management with kindness, while privately tormenting and abusing a targeted worker. Even when management and workers are made aware of bullying, they seldom intervene, out of fear of retribution, denial, or disbelief. It is hard to believe that bullies can and do get away with abusing other workers. Most of us think that "Laws" already protect us, but they don't. (more info in other posts). One of the worst scenarios is for a target's work performance, career path and identity to be destroyed for the mere amusement or convenience of another person. This is legal to do in all 50 States. Please support the "Healthy Workplace Bill" today by signing.

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