A bright future ahead. With your help we can protect that future. Meet Lesan. Release candidate for KJ7 Forest on April 22nd.

Cage 2 Canopy

Lesan arrived in Samboja in November 2006. The little female orangutan came from Berau area and, at the time of rescue, was estimated 3 years old, weighing 7 kg. She attended Forest School as soon as she had passed Quarantine. And she quickly became good friends with Berlian.

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Meet Casey - Despite her handicap (in the photo she only has one finger and thumb remaining), her strength of character sets her apart from…Read More

Cage 2 Canopy

Next month sees the release of a further 6 candidates ready for life in the wild. Over the course of the week, we will be introducing them to you. First up, Casey...

Talking about moving elegantly in the forest – this can also be said about Casey. However, this is to say something rather…Read More

Monitoring Update: March 12

March 12th

The monitoring team reported in today that Tarzan is on the move and was located today 2km south of camp! As the team approached closer, they didn’t get a visual but did hear two very loud beautiful long calls from him. It seems Tarzan is settling in to…Read More

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