justice for john butler    i am requesting an investigation in to my son,john butler murder trial in 2006  the case began with the murder of my son  on the 7 october 2002 as a result of the garda investigation (cecil lynch) and(jerry ross) were brought befour the four courts in dublin to stand trial for my son.s murder as part of the investigation the gardai in guarnbraher has a signed statement from( thomas morey) giving details of the murder of my son and also being involved with the  above assoctates  during the trial in the four courts ( thoms morey ) recanted a signed statement  signting a loss of memory  my son  his young son my husband  family and friends were denied justice for the murder of my son ,a father a son cousin friend  employee and a member of the community  as a result my husband oped to take his own life in 2008 also john,s young friend  took his own life  in 2003  age 23   thomas morey lied   in my opinion the flippant excuse of citing inability to remember vital evidence   my granson has little or no  memories  as his young dad was stolen from him he was only three yours old  this shows a lack of respced for the judial system .the law of the land society and  human morality it fouther shows a complite lack of respect for my son who was shot in the chest and left do die on gurranabraher of blanery street over a burger at a takeout (lisa lynch) was also involved in my boy/s murder  and responsable for two young men taken there own life.s  and they tell me its the law of the land ireland ? 


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